Me, a gamer?

This week we started a new theme in class “Gaming”. I am not a gamer at all, many of my friends are, but not me.  I used to play Sims when I was younger and I could play it for hours, everyday. I was my life basically. Now, I play it very rare because I don’t find it as fun as I did. I was really obsessed, haha.. I lecture I learned that there are different types of gamers, and now I cant really relate to any of them, but maybe past me will, although I just played on game.

Here is an explanation of all the types of gamers:

I would call past me a casual gamer. I didn’t really know much about gaming at all, I only played sims, I didn’t think any other game existed, I was so into Sims.

I was kind of a social gamer. You can’t play Sims online or as a mulitplayer game. But me and some of my friends often played it together. I would bring my laptop and walk over to a friend next door and we would play on two different laptops or we would have sleepover and just play all night.

A specialist gamer I was definitely. Like I said, Sims was my jam, the only game I played, and would buy all the expantion packages to get the full experience.

An expert gamer I was was not at all. I didn’t like to read about games or research it or something like that. The only other games I played besides Sims, was Spyro, and I didn’t really played it so much, and it was really before I discoverd Sims.

As of now. I am not a any type of gamer at all. I don’t play anymore and whenver I watch someone play a game, I find it really boring, even if I get to try to play. Many of my friends are gamer, which makes me feel kind of left out when they talk about gaming. They all really love to play and know a lot about it. So their conversations bores me so much. I would rather talk about other things, and we do of course. But whenever their talk about gaming, I have nothing to contribute with.  How are we even friends? haha


Wohoo! A picture of Sims 2, my favorite game! Brings back so many memories!!



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