Optional lab

This week there were no lecture due to Mia being i California. One of our classmates named Patrick, decided that he wanted to have an optional lab so that we would acutally do something creative and get help from others. I thought this was a great idea and so I showed up. We were only 4 people there including Patrick.

I liked that it was so few people there because then we got to know each other and it was not difficult to ask for help if I needed it. Patrick showed us how to use Twine. Twine is a program that lets you make stories where the “player” or “reader” have options. The book series Goosebumps has this in their books, like “go to page 43 to do something” or similar. Now that we are about to learn about E-lit, this is a great way to get started.

At first Patrick showed us some basics things in the program, like how to make links and variables. And then we tried it and made somehting as a group. After that he wanted us to make a story on out own using what we had learned. I thought it was really fun! Me and my friend Rikke swithed computers and tried each others story. Twine

Here is my story! It’s not very long, but it was just for fun and to try out what we had learned.

I think it’s great of Patrick to take initative to have these labs. We all agreed to have these kinds of creative labs every thursday. Hope more will joins us! I think it’s fun and a good way to learn.


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